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APMAs 2015 Recap: Winners, Performances, and Drama

Opening monologue

Though I have no doubt that all of you guys watched the 2015 Alternative Press Music Awards last night, here's a recap for those who didn't. The night, hosted by Alex Gaskarth and Jack Barakat of All Time Low, was full of bands and musicians in and around the pop-punk scene. Awards were given out, a shit load of people performed, and a horse got really angry.

BEST VOCALIST presented by AXS TV: Hayley Williams, Paramore

BEST INTERNATIONAL BAND presented by AP: The 1975

ICON AWARD presented by Artery Recordings: X

VANGUARD AWARD presented by Equal Vision and MerchNow: Rob Zombie

BEST BASSIST presented by Razor & Tie: Zack Merrick, All Time Low

ARTIST PHILANTHROPIC presented by Sub City/Take Action: Taking Back Sunday for American Cancer Society

BEST LIVE BAND presented by Macbeth: A Day To Remember

BEST DRUMMER presented by DW Drums: Rian Dawson, All Time Low

BEST FANDOM presented by Tumblr: 5 Seconds Of Summer

BEST MUSIC VIDEO presented by Journeys: “Drown,” Bring Me The Horizon

SONG OF THE YEAR presented by Epitaph Records: “Kick Me,” Sleeping With Sirens

BEST UNDERGROUND BAND presented by Sumerian Records: Being As An Ocean

MOST DEDICATED FANS presented by Fearless Records: All Time Low’s “hustlers”

BEST GUITARIST presented by Gibson Brands: Tony Perry, Pierce The Veil


ARTIST OF THE YEAR presented by Monster Energy: Issues

ALBUM OF THE YEAR presented by Journeys: Black Veil Brides, Black Veil Brides

Note that they were having a lot of sound issues all night which is why half of this shit sounds weird.

All Time Low open the show with massive medley including songs from Green Day, Joan Jett, Nirvana, and more and ending with Something's Gotta Give

Pvris ft. Tyler Carter of Issues: My House

Simple Plan ft Mike Herrera of MXPX: Boom and Responsibility

New Found Glory ft. Hayley Williams of Paramore: Vicious Love (best example of how fucked the audio was all night)

Taking Back Sunday ft. The Contemporary Youth Orchestra: Better Homes and Gardens

Pierce the Veil: Divine Zero

Sum 41: Fat Lip

Panic! at the Disco: Bohemian Rhapsody

Hosts Alex and Jack made a light dig at Metro Station, who were set to come introduce infinitely more flawless band Pvris. The joke went something along the lines of "This next band is like Disney: they're related to them and make us cry," alluding to the fact that both Metro Station frontmen are related to Disney stars. Trace, proving that ATL is rubber and he's soon to be glue just couldn't rein himself in from immediately retorting before introducing Pvris. He called Alex and Jack disrespectful among other things, apparently forgetting that many jokes had been thrown at other bands. video here

Mods, I don't know why the old instagram video wasn't showing up in post because it's still there...

Supposedly afterwards there was a backstage altercation that nearly turned physical, prompting Alex to respond the next time he was on stage.

Trace, continuing to prove that he can put no slight out to pasture, returned to Twitter to complain that ATL has always made fun of Metro Station and it hurts his feefees:

"To clear things up I wasn't upset what all time low said on stage. It just pushed me to my limit. They have talked shit about me and Metro Station for years and even made merch making fun of us. I've played many shows and toured with them and I have no respect for people who can't say something to my face. I confronted them back stage and they denied everything like cowards. Hate me or love me but I'm real and say it how it is."

To prove this, he posted a six year old video of ATL making jokes on stage, labeling it "jealous fucking cowards".

As fans called Triple Crown Trace out for being excessively pressed, unable to take a joke, and wondered why ATL would be jealous of Metro Station, ATL's crew and their drummer Rian stepped in via twitter.

seriously read the responses to Trace's tweets. They're hilarious.

Trace hasn't said anything else other than to claim that he and Mason have always done things 100% on their own, apparently forgetting his family ties and how they got his band noticed or how they had to crowd fund their second album.

Alex and Jack were good hosts but the crowd was lackluster as fuck and the sound problems are inexcusable. Trace Cyrus is laughable.

Winners list

all time low Pvris simple plan nfg tbs ptv sum 41 patd

ATL's response to Horse" twitlonger womp womp tweet Rian's tweet
Vinny's tweet
Jeff's tweet Marky's tweet
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