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ONTD Original: Top 20 Latin Pop Hits from the Last 15 Years

Because of all the ONTD Originals being made, I decided to do my part and compile the definitive ONTD list of the best Latin Pop songs of the past 15 years. No need to thank me.

20. Papi Te Quiero - Ivy Queen

It's not easy being a female artist in Latin music, let alone in Reggaeton. Ivy Queen is the only successful female in Reggaeton, reason enough for her to be on the list. While she has many big songs, Papi Te Quiero (which uses a popular riddim you may have heard in other songs) is one of her earlier hits and shows the fun, dancehall sound of reggaeton right before it blew up globally and became shit.

19. Ser O Parecer - RBD

RBD formed from actors in a teen telenovela called Rebelde (a remeake of the Argentinian show Reblede Way which starred Michael Buble's bland wife). The result? The biggest Latin Pop group since Timbiriche (two former members of this 80s group make appearances later on). Ser O Parecer is their biggest, poppiest, and least annoying hit. Most of the members are now solo flops, except for the one who's on Sens8 and the one who keeps getting work as a lead actress in telenovelas.

18. Europa - Monica Naranjo

No, she's not from Latin American, but this Spanish singer is well known in Latin America and her comeback song after a 7 year hiatus is an epic song that blends opera, rock, and dance music.

17. Obsesion - Aventura

Given the choice between Romeo Santos and Aventura, I would have to choose Aventura. Given a choice between all of Aventura's songs, I would have to choose Obsesion. The song was their big breakout song and inspired a more successful but less interesting remake by a one hit wonder Mexican American singer who became famous because of Selena's brother.

16. Sexy Movimiento - Wisin & Yandel

The artists with probably the least substance on this list, Wisin & Yandel had hella hits before they broke up, mainly based on female objectification. Most of their songs are just fun songs you can dance to and tend to sound the same, so you can really put any song here. I chose this one because it stands out to me for some reason, and it makes me move very sexy.

15. Muneca de Trapo - La Oreja de Van Gogh

Another Spanish exception on this list, LOEVG put out a lot of good songs with their original lead singer Amaia Montero before she decided to Gwen Stefani herself from the group. This haunting song is probably the best thing the band has ever put out.

14. Tu No Eres Para Mi - Fanny Lu

If you're a Wilmer Valderrama hater, you'll LOVE this video. The song is simple and fun. The dance is simple, fun, and VERY imitable. Everything about this song is infectious that you can't help but bop and sing along to it.

13. Danza Kuduro - Don Omar

Don Omar broke out as one of reggeaton's biggest stars when the genre went global in the mid-2000s. He's had a lot of hits, and I originally wasn't going to choose this song because it seems like a cop-out, but the song is his biggest hit and had the most crossover appeal. It's very danceable and I still workout to it, so for those reasons I chose to include it.

12. Arrasando - Thalia

Thalia is known for many things. She's the sister of famed Mexican actress and kidnapped victim Laura Zapata. She sang backup for Mexican superstar Paulina Rubio during the 80s. She had unmemorable supporting roles in a bunch of telenovelas in the 90s. She married Tommy Mottola in an attempt to have a career after Mariah dipped out of that marriage. The latter kind of worked because it resulted in her best song.

11. Incondicional - Prince Royce

Papacito Royce is one of the hottest Latin artist out right now and has a lot of songs to choose from. Originally I was going to put Darte Un Beso, but chose Incondicional because it's one of this most interesting songs, combining bachata, mariachi, and pop music.

10. Colgando en Tus Manos - Carlos Baute feat. Marta Sanchez

Originally a solo song, Carlos Baute got Spanish singer Marta Sanchez on the track and made probably the best Spanish language duet in the past 15 years.

9. Y Yo Sigo Aqui - Paulina Rubio

The second most successful female Latin Pop artist and the most successful Mexican artist on the list. Paulina Rubio is an icon of Latin Music who's been slaying since she was a child in the pop group Timbiriche. With over 30 years of hit, this is the best song from her most successful era.

8. La Camisa Negra - Juanes

Juanes' most danceable song comes from the height of his career and is probably his biggest crossover song globally. While he is still popular today, his Mi Sangre era produced hit after hit. It's probably no coincidence that this era was during the Latin American boom that occurred in the mid-2000s, which saw a lot of Latin artist release some of their best work and get global recognition for it.

7. Vivir Mi Vida - Marc Anthony

A Spanish language remake of an Algerian song, Vivir Mi Vida was Marc Anthony's first song after his divorce from Super Star Jennifer Lopez. Could it be a declaration of independence from a known diva? All I know is the song is inspiring, danceable, and impossible to not sing along to. It's the best song he's probably ever released and arguably his biggest hit.

6. Volvi a Nacer - Carlos Vives

No one was checking for Carlos Vives in 2012. It had been nearly 10 years since he last released an album and the world had pretty much forgotten about his existence. No one was expecting it when he came back bigger and better than ever. It ushered in a new era for Carlos and Volvi a Nacer is symbolic of that rebirth. The song was a huge comeback hit and garnered commercial and critical success.

5. Gasolina - Daddy Yankee

In my opinion this is the song that started the Latin explosion and the Reggaeton craze of the mid-2000s. In the US, the song was bigger on the mainstream charts than the Latin charts. With this song, Daddy Yankee became the biggest Latin American star at the time and his album, Barrio Fino, became the biggest selling Latin album of the 2000s. Sadly it was kind of all downhill from here and his career is as dated as regaeton.

4. Latinoamerica - Calle 13

Calle 13 is kind of an interesting group. They got big during the Reggaeton era, but as the genre died out in popularity they moved towards a more alternative hip-hop sound. They're probably one of the most critically acclaimed group due to their social consciousness. Latinoamerica is a good example of the group at their A game.

3. Cuando Me Enamoro - Enrique Iglesias feat. Juan Luis Guerra

Choosing an Enrique Iglesias song is not an easy task. He has 26 #1s on the Hot Latin Tracks chart, so there is definitely a lot to choose from. Cuando Me Enamoro is one of his bigger hit. It's a bachata infused ballad that features Dominican singer (and hit maker) Juan Luis Guerra.

2. Tu Recuerdo - Ricky Martin feat. La Mari

Post 90s Ricky isn't the best Ricky. I would argue his career hasn't been the same since the English language Latin Explosion of the late 90s. Tu Recuerdo was a number he did for his Unplugged album and is probably the best song he's released in the last 15 years. It's free of any Latin "gimmicks" which the English language world knows him for, and is rather a powerful acoustic duet that only a real artist can pull off.

1. La Tortura - Shakira feat. Alejandro Sanz

One can argue this is one of the biggest Latin songs of all time. It was 2005. Reggaeton was gaining global recognition and was the biggest Latin genre. It was 4 years after Shakira released her big English language debut. 7 years had passed since she released a Spanish language studio album and the Spanish world was thirsty for her return. Shakira was a global artist and La Tortura was a global smash. With a reggaeton light beat, La Tortura broke language barriers and had the whole world dancing along. This Shakira at her peak and you could argue that nothing she has done since has been as great.

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