Queen Mai (wearescientists) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Queen Mai

McDonald's has a secret menu y'all

If you didn't already know, McDonald's has a secret menu! What des that consist of? Weirdly named dishes with weirder incredients. Some don't have names. But the anonymous manager on reddit said you shouldn't refer to your two beef patties + chicken patty sandwich as the McGangbang (tasteless name), or your chicken/fish/beef buger as the land, air and sea burger. Here's some cool stuff I recommend trying for me because American McDonald's is nasty.

- Pie McFlurry
- Grilled cheese (not to be confused with the better grilled cheese from In-N-Out, this one only comes with... you guessed it! Cheese!)
- McCrepe
- Buiscits and gravy

And unlike other fast food establishments, these seem to be very DIY. Be prepared to get your hands dirty, ONTD!

SRC: Hack the Menu & reddit

ONTD, what's your favorite secret menu item or  meal?? Mines the grilled cheese w/ caramelized onions and a rootbeer/dr pepper float from In-N-Out.
Tags: food / food industry

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