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...give a xan to these hoes

Interns spill on what some of your fave celebrities are really like behind the scenes


originated from reddit but apparently:

- Nicki Minaj is "an entitled, self-absorbed bitch who will not be famous in 5 years (guaranteed)" not surprised

- Kanye West demanded his penis look larger in photoshoot, caused longer hours in post production for crew. But others found him to be nice, professional and grounded.

- Mariah Carey is apparently cray but a nice cray and offered up champagne to everyone on set.

- Beyonce doesn't talk to the help and has mommy intervene for her instead when asked how her stay was by limo driver.

- Jennifer Lopez returned to the Bronx to shoot a music video, denied fan an autograph. Fan says to La Lopez "Fuck you, your music is whack anyway" causing JLo to mutter to those around her "That's why I don't like coming back to this shithole."

- An intern divulges "I once had to work with a very popular Caribbean-born R&B singer who had to be one of the least professional, rude and nasty individuals I've come across in this business" has people guessing Rihanna.

- John Legend and David Beckham are both class acts and very handsome.
Tags: beyoncé, jennifer lopez, kanye west, nicki minaj, rihanna

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