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YouTube Deletes Fifth Harmony Video Due to "Inappropriate" Content

Camila Cabello and her backup singers finally reached a Vevo milestone with their fifth single, "Worth It" achieving 100 million views with the help of obsessive fans hitting refresh 35 times a day. However, instead of celebrating the success of what will probably be their only hit, the girl group has been targeted by YouTube, who removed the video from their website, stating that the video was “a violation of (its) policy on repetitive, misleading or inappropriate metadata.”

The band's management label tweeted that they didn't know what had happened and were working on getting the video restored, but as of midnight EST, the video is still missing. Rumor has it that the video was deleted due to at least two of the members being underage when the sexually suggestive video was filmed.

Harmonizers were, predictably, outraged, taking to social media to voice their complaints, trending the hashtag, #WeWantWorthItBackOnYoutube and even trying to drag legal adult Nicki Minaj and British rivals Little Mix into it:

Even Vevo put in their two cents to try and get hits for their website

In addition, Fifth Harmony had to cancel a concert in Cincinnati this weekend, claiming scheduling conflicts, although a map of available seats shows that the venue had failed to even sell out the front section of the pavilion.

The band also released a Spanish version of "Worth It" which is still currently up on Youtube but only has around 400,000 views, still gives Lauren no solos despite her being fluent in Spanish and makes Camila sound even worse than normal. You can listen to it here if you want.

source, worth it spanish

have you bought worth it on itunes yet, ontd?
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