Ant-Man Post Credit Scenes Explained And How it Relates to Captain America: Civil War

[SPOILERS AHEAD]-The first scene involves Hank giving Hope a new prototype of the Wasp suit implying that due to Evangeline Lily's multiple movie contract deal will definitely return as the Wasp also hinting towards the return of Janet as well near the end of the film.
-Hank's feelings about the Starks will have an impact on Scott's choices during Civil War.
-The second scene takes place during a moment that takes place during the middle of Captain America: Civil War where Sam and Steve find Bucky with his arm trapped in some type of machine. At this point it is unknown whether or not this is there first encounter with Bucky since The Winter Soldier. Sam says that this would have been a lot easier a week ago and that Tony can't help do the "Accords" but then proceeds to say that he knows a guy who can help, implying Ant-Man.

What did you think about the post credit scenes, ontd? (I added a summary mods)
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