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Arrow, The Flash, & Legends of Tomorrow @ SDCC 2015

Green Arrow's New Season 4 Costume
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From E!: "Once the design was finished, we shared it with Stephen and Stephen had a really great suggestion," executive producer Marc Guggenheim tells E! News. "He's like, 'I'm probably going to regret saying this when the winter comes, but what about making it sleeveless like the comics?' And I'll be honest, I was skeptical. I wasn't sure. It looks good in the comics, but I wasn't sure how it was going to look on Stephen. But man, it's amazing!"

Stephen Introduces the Green Arrow at Comic Con

-Fans of comic canon will be happy with S4
-Introduction of mysticism in present day and flashbacks
-Bad issues with Dig.
-Some issues w/ Laurel
-Things "on the table" w/ Quentin.
-Things good with Felicity and Thea.
-Oliver totally at peace at beginning of S4.

David Ramsey is so lovable

-Oliver will encounter "dire circumstances" differently
-More flashbacks of other people, Oliver ends up in an "interesting spot"
-Oliver's "public policies" in S4 (another Queen running for mayor of Star* City??)

-Anarky works w/ Damien Darhk
-Mr. Terrific will work with Felicity "be a good friend of hers"

Diggle Gets a Helmet in Season 4.
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Arrow SDCC Panel

Villain of S2 is ZOOM

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-New character Jay Garrick (teased in the season 1 finale of The Flash) will be played by Teddy Sears.
-First person to be The Flash
-According to the CW Garrick is “a mysterious figure who arrives in Central City to warn Barry Allen and his team at S.T.A.R. Labs of an impending danger that he alone cannot hope to stop.”

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-Patty Spivot will be played by Shantel VanSanten and was first described as Felicity 2.0
-CW says: “Patty is obsessed with metahumans and partners with Det. Joe West this season but has no idea that her new crush is The Flash.”

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From ScreenCrush:
-Arrow s4 and The Flash s2 will help set up Legends of Tomorrow. We saw a glimpse of Hawkgirl at the end of The Flash last season.
-Hawkman will also factor into the new series (not sure what version yet - Geoff Johns DC CCO).
-Ray will want to lead the team but will be unsuccessful.
-Caity Lotz (Sara Lance/White superior in my heart Canary) wants WC to "go nuts". She's not scared of death and will be reckless in battle because of it.
-Vandal Savage is a major presence, will be fought in different time periods. Actions in one timeline may affect another.
-Firestorm will be a big part of the series. Victor Garber says Ronnie Raymond "will be around."
-Marc Guggenheim said we’d get to see "not just different corners of the DCU, but also some important moments of its history."
-Start production in September

Is Jay Jackson the New Other Half of Firestorm??
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From Comicbook.com tries to solve a mystery:
-Franz Drameh joined LoT cast in April without a clue as to who he'd play.
-Drameh is playing Jay Jackson, a former high school athlete, whose pro-career was derailed by injury. Now making ends meets as an auto mechanic, Jay will come to have a surprising affiliation to the S.T.A.R. Labs crew.
-Probably replacing Ronnie Raymond (Robbie Amell) as Professor Martin Stein's other half of the Firestorm matrix.
-Exec Prod. Phil Klemmer pm confirmed it by saying JJ is "probably the last person Professor Stein (Victor Garber) wants to share Firestorm with." (Hmmmm....)

Cast Signings
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more @ wbcc

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more @wbcc

caitylotz: Doing some train reading #comiccon2015 #whitecanary #arrow

dpanabaker: Back stage getting ready to go on at Hall H! We ❤️you Comic Con!

grantgust: Mean muggin with my boy @amelladventures last night. #SDCC

davidpaulramsey: You asked? WE GAVE... OTA @SDCC2015

emilybett: My neck. My back. My Canary and my Mack. @katiecassidy @davidpaulramsey

willaaaahh: we ASSessorize

willaaaahh: i can die now

cw_arrow: Mr @BrandonJRouth being ousted from the #Arrow shuttle #SDCC You have your own show now big man! #LegendsofTomorrow

she looked so good this weekend, i was so happy because she tends to pick some fug outfits for events

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