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ABC’s The Muppets at Comic-Con

The show takes place behind the scenes Miss Piggy’s new late night show which
follows Jimmy Kimmel’s. Fozzie is her sidekick on the show, Kermit the producer,
Pepe and Rizzo are her writers,  Bobo the bear is the stage manager. Sam the Eagle
will act as the head of broadcast standards for the network; and Kermit’s new pig
girlfriend Denise is the network’s head of marketing. Scooter is the talent coordinator,
who will book musicians for the show and The Swedish Chef will run craft services.

At the tavern the gang will do karaoke and relax after work.

*Executive producer Bill Prady says that contemporary music artists will
be performing on the show and the occasional human-Muppet duet.

*The show will be a docu-style comedy which will explore their personal and
professional lives while still including celebrity cameos.

*Premiering Tuesday Sept. 22 at 8 p.m on ABC.

Source: @Variety - @/EWagmeister - @MarcSnetiker @THR
Tags: comic-con, television - abc

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