There is a HUGE debate going around about Rihanna's BBHMM music video

The video for 'Bitch Better Have My Money', directed by Rihanna, is her most praised music video so far(which tbh, I disagree with)--but also her most controversial. The debate started a little after midnight(Wednesday night) when the music video was released, and is only getting stronger. Critics are praising it, some feminists are mad, some "meninists" are mad, race has been brought into it, and many others are just generally torn about it. Is it too violent? Too sexual? Why did Mads Mikkelsen's character only receive implied torture? Is Rihanna being given a pass by critics because she's Rihanna? Is she being bashed by some feminists because of her race? Is Rihanna being given a pass by other feminists because of her race? Should Rihanna, who has never claimed to be a feminist, be held at the same standard as self proclaimed feminists? Can "meninists" shut the hell up? Why did Taylor Swift's 'Bad Blood' get so much praise from feminists when it's a song bashing a fellow female pop star? Can feminists who are attacking the BBHMM music video turn around and praise movies like Gone Girl and Kill Bill? Should we compare this video to shows like Dexter and Sons of Anarchy? Should we be comparing music videos like this to the high rate of male-on-female abuse? What about female-on-male abuse? Why are feminists always telling women what they should and shouldn't do? Where are we drawing the line? Should we be just judging this video from an artistic standpoint like we do Quentin Tarantino films? Is everyone over-analyzing this? Does Rihanna really even give a fuck anyway? These are just the few questions that are being brought up involving this highly controversial music video.

The Praise and Defense

The Criticism

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