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ONTD Original: SDCC 2015 best panels+stuff you can do without a badge

SDCC will be upon us in less than a week. I've been looking carefully at panels you can see if you're lucky enough to have a badge for all 4 days. If not, have no fear! I've been looking at various off site events that you do not need a badge for.

Thursday, July 9th

What a better way to spend Thursday than getting to hear about the creative side of the comics industry from one of the most prominent female writers?

If you're more interested in spending your Thursday indulging in big budget Hollywood, The Hunger Games panel is your best bet. It will be the cast's final appearance at comic con and should be full of new footage from Mockingjay Part 2.

Comic-Con can be educational. Enjoy actual scientists explaining NASA's work and the feasibility of long haul space travel.

Friday, July 10th

Friday is the Hall H day if you want to see Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, and Star Wars...and don't mind spending all day Thursday in line.

Here's some panels that aren't in Hall H:

A panel about women/gender roles and sexuality in fiction that actually features female panelists (thanks, Denver Comic Con), this discussion should cover taboo topics and offer lively dicussion.

Many of us love action movies, but let's be real, Ben Affleck and Chris Hemsworth aren't doing their own stunts. This panel will explore the lives of those who make our favorite movies so entertaining.

How could you miss David Hasselhoff at Comic-Con?

Saturday, July 11th

No Marvel, No1curr

JK. It will be a pretty good day for Hall H if you're in to that.


Don't miss the chance to see the most prolific star of the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

Learn about a new direction for the digital comics medium.

Perhaps the most accurate reflection of Comic-Con itself, witness a debate over the merits of Star Trek vs. Star Wars.

Sunday, July 12th
Sunday is shopping day, but there are panels too!

Whether you think Marvel is making progress with female representation or is problematic™, this panel was very good last year and features strong women responsible for bringing the new Ms. Marvel to page.

See your Ryan Murphy faves at this joint panel form American Horror Story: Hotel and Scream Queens. At press time, Lady Gaga won't be present :(

Fox is pulling out the stops. Scream Queens has its own vertical drop ride complete with sorority girls and fraternity boyfriends right inside Petco park. They're also giving out Scream Queens Ice Cream from carts randomly throughout the Gaslamp. Follow @ScreamQueens to find them. Gotham is handing out free Penguin glasses, again randomly throughout the Gaslamp. They're doing an X-Files find the X twitter game. FX will also be there promoting Fargo and Kurt Sutter's new show, The Bastard Executioner. There will be an Always Sunny sunscreen station for the melanin challenged.

Adult Swim had my favorite off-site events last year with their fun house. Right on the Green by the Shuttle Stop, they are offering a FREE carnival for those willing to stand in line. They also have the Meatwad Fulldome Experience. You can RSVP at their website that I've conveniently linked below.

Comedy Central is having their own #ComedyCentralCon at The San Diego Wine & Culinary Center, across from the Convention Center. It will feature mini golf, gif photo makers, signings, and giveaways.

Hello Kitty will have a food truck at Comic Con! It will feature cupcakes, macaroons, etc.

Nerd HQ will be at the San Diego Children's Museum. There will also be lots of stuff at Petco Park.

Myself, who used to own a bike and took a long time to make this very interesting and informative post.

comic-con schedule
fox website
adult swim
comedy central
hello kitty
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