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Professional Festival Performer Cassadee Pope Premieres New Song, Blames Flopping Career on Sexism


Rolling Stone interviewed Cassadee (or, as she has decided "Sassadee") Pope, winner of the third season of The Voice and former aspiring Avril Lavigne, about her upcoming album and general career. Pope has spent most of the last year playing festivals and has started making videos about her fan mail. In the interview, Pope talks about a new song "Invincible," which may be her next single, and says that her lackluster career is due to her being a victim of sexism in the country industry (which is interesting due to her having made a promo video marketing her as "Running with the boys").

"It's very empowering," the singer tells Rolling Stone Country of her new work. "Very sassy. . . I'm showing a little bit more of an edgy side of myself."

"Part of this lyrical confidence boost stems from Pope's experiences in the aftermath of her solo debut, Frame By Frame, which came out in 2013. Thought the album reached the top spot on the country charts, the singer admits there's "been a certain amount of struggle." While "Wasting All These Tears" was a Top Five hit — a rarity in an era when young female singers frequently have difficulty climbing the charts — her second single, "I Wish I Could Break Your Heart" (co-written by Ashley Monroe), didn't get near the Top 25."

"Pope's not afraid to attribute some her struggle to unfair treatment. "It has a lot to do with being a female in country music," she says. "We get a little bit more of a difficult journey."

"Pope reports that she's been writing five days a week for the past seven months...Her record label president, Scott Borchetta has also been heavily involved in the studio. "I have way more songs than I need," Pope acknowledges. "It's exciting; it's a good problem to have."

"Though she has a surplus of material, Pope is going to take her time to make sure her next record comes out the way she wants..."I want to make sure that I'm explaining myself and explaining where I am in my life perfectly with these songs."

Maybe you wouldn't be flopping if you could sing and/or had good songs...

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