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Britney reflects on Pride Month #Lovewins + Iggy Azalea was a terror on Pretty Girls set, allegedly

Lost amongst the Iggy Azalea drama, Britney recently chimed in to support the new supreme court ruling legalizing gay marriage in the US.

she says:

Iggy Azalea was reportedly difficult to work with

- Iggy was difficult with Pretty Girl's direction
- Made a fuss about album artwork to show it was a collaboration, made label re-release it
- Although it was meant to be Britney's song, Iggy took over everything
- So much so that she allegedly picked out Britney's outfit for their BBMA performance
- Another source chimes in to counter that Britney only wears what she wants, she chose the outfit
- By the end of it Britney and her team were tired of arguing

Tags: britney spears, iggy azalea, lgbtq / rights

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