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Ninna Faye

Dukes of Hazzard Gets Dropped From TVLand, John Schneider Cries For His Residuals

- In this recent post, John Schneider - known as Superman's Dead 2nd Daddy and Tyler Perry White Guy Villain complained about the movement against the Confederate flag since the characters in Dukes of Hazzard used it in a good ol' boy way and that cancels out all those racist bigots apparently.

- TVLand probably got embarrassed by him and decided to dip out. Warner Bros also refuses to sell any Dukes merch with the flag on the car.

- Schneider is still showing his ass by tweeting the following yesterday:

and he also posted the following Youtube video:

While Schneider says he's trying to defend the show, not the flag - he obviously thinks it matters or they could just use the same green screen tech they use to CGI in brand names into old shows to photoshop out the flag and end the controversy.

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Tyler Perry do you love yourself?  Do you still want this guy on your staff?
Tags: 1970s, 1980s, race / racism, television, you mad
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