The Mainstream Media Comes for @THR & One of #ONTD's Own

- Late last week ONTD's own fka, of opp0rtunist fame, taught us about "stromos," a term coined for straight white male celebs who pander to gay audiences.

- According to fka paraphrasing the Hollywood Reporter: "Popular stromos include Nick Jonas, Channing Tatum, Chris Pine, and Chris Hemsworth (pretty much any of the straight white guys superboy ONTD lusts over)."

[ONTD Original: So This Is a Thing: Straight White Male Celebs Who Pander to Gay Audiences Are Called "Stromos"]

- Well now the Huffington Post a banned source is calling out the Hollywood Reporter and fka, asking reporters to stop trying to make "stromo" happen because it is offensive.
- Check out the entire piece here

Paraphrased from @HuffingtonPost.
Follow-up to this ONTD post.

@HuffPost: @fka