ONTD original: Taylor Swift's five worst moments.

Our faves have all been problematic at some point, but somehow Taylor manages to redeem her sweetheart image. However, it's now time for us to relive some of the moments that have either been ignored or covered up by good PR or her team of fans, Taylor Nation.

Now, in no particular order here are

~Taylor Swift's Five Worst Moments~

Number One:
Taylor poses with a guy with a Swastika on his T-Shirt.

At Katy Perry's 25th birthday bash, Taylor Swift (known by some on ONTD as Taydolf Swifter) posed with a guy with a Swastika on his t-shirt. When this photo surfaced, some Neo-Nazi websites began supporting her. Shortly after, her rep put out a statement saying: "She doesn’t know who this guy is, and she didn’t realize what was on his shirt." How anyone didn't notice a giant Swastika on a t-shirt is beyond me.

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