Obama has nuanced conversation about issues in America, all anyone talks about is the N-Word

-Talks about how its hard to have conversations in the US without them turning into DvR LvC and that he has tried to change that and show that things are more nuanced than the way they are typically spoken of in the public sphere
-Says race relations have improved but the legacy of slavery and Jm Crow still reverberates in institutions today
-Says that just being polite enough not to say the N-word (he said the actual word) isnt an indication that racism is dead
-Said the NRA has a hold on congress and that the only time he was truly disgusted by them was when they did nothing after Newton.
-Says overall he feels he is leaving America better off than it was both economically and socially, and that his presidency overall has been a net positive for America.
Everyone goes and proves his point by ignoring all the issues addressed by clutching their pearls that he actually said the N-word

Now i agree that its un-presidential to say the N-word despite his being AA, but its frustrating how this whole podcast has been reduced to that when he spoke so frankly about issues particularly race. Never change Americans

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