Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are renovating their home, a rep confirms

Their marriage is "fine," adds a source

- Divorce rumors first stared because Jennifer is filming Nine Lives in Montreal on weekdays while Ben is in LA with their kids. They hadn't been photographed together for a month (but have been since been seen on multiple occasions).
- Earlier this week, a source told Entertainment Tonight that the marriage is "fine" and that they're looking forward to spending summer "as a family."
- Yesterday's moving van pictures led media outlets to speculate that a divorce was imminent.
- A rep for Giannetti Architects, a Los Angeles-based firm, confirms that they are actually renovating their main house, and are moving and storing furniture before construction begins.
- They purchased the 8,798 square-foot Pacific Palisades, California ranch home in 2009 for $17.5 million.
- Built in the late 1930s, the Cliff May-designed low-slung house was owned by Gregory Peck until 1952.
- In addition to the five-bedroom, eight-bathroom main house, the 3-acre, cliffside compound includes a swimming pool, a guesthouse (built into the cliff under the main lawn) and an office/gym/art studio.
- In an interview with Instyle in October 2014, Jennifer was asked where she saw herself in ten years. After mentioning her career and family, she added: "I hope to be in the same house - I feel pretty cemented to LA for now."

Source: DailyMail's twitter (all reworded), Variety real estate pictures, EntertainmentTonight