The Decline of the American Actor

- The article talks about the 'invasion' of international actors claiming our jobs of American actors
- Spike Lee claims that British actors have 'proper' training unlike Hollywood actors
- The phenomenon is spreading all the way to the American TV as well
- The author rescinds that British actors have claimed the American roles and consequently American characters
- The author consequently laments the lack of opportunities for young Hollywood talent, unable to rely on their acting (talent? experience?) when there are not many jobs going around.
- "The fact is, the women are fine. (Their problems will begin when they hit 50.)"-
- American thespians under 40 are pretty much absent except from James Franco (discuss)

- Two possible candidates suggested by the author for the future A-list are Jake Gylenhaal and Chadwick Boseman

idk just an opportunity to discuss your faves and make your pitch tbh. go wildddd