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David Tennant joins Steven Yeun & Felicia Day in CHEW animation

  • David Tennant will play Mason Savoy, "a burly, sai-wielding former FDA agent and primary opponent of series lead Tony Chu."

  • The role of Mason was originally going to be voiced by Robin Williams. :(

  • "The cartoon is going to be a direct adaptation of the first trade, which introduces and really focuses on the relationship between Tony Chu and Mason Savoy." - Rob Layman (author of the comics)

  • Will be an animated feature film penned by Chew creator Rob Layman.

  • Steven Yeun and Felicia Day were already reported to voiced to play protagonist Tony Chu and love-interest Amelia Mintz respectively.

  • For those not in the know: "Chew" follows cibopath Tony Chu as he uses his ability to get psychic readings from ingesting food -- and other objects -- to solve the mystery behind a bird-flu epidemic that killed millions, made chicken illegal and pushed the FDA to the forefront of national defense.

  • Aim is to go to VOD.

SOURCE: Twitter, Article
Tags: adaptations, animation, british celebrities, comic books, david tennant, doctor who (bbc)

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