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More on the lack of love triangles in 'Killjoys' + tweets, interviews and clip!

When information about SyFy's newest series Killjoys hit the web many people began to question whether or not there would be any type of love triangle with the three lead character (team leader Dutch and brothers John and D'avin). However, the Killjoys team has made it very clear in recent interviews that this is not the case.

In a recent interview with Yahoo! showrunner Michelle Lovretta spoke out about the choice of portraying a platonic relationship on the series. "I don’t mean this disparagingly, because obviously I’ve played in that field, but I get a bit tired of love triangles," Lovretta told Yahoo!. "I’ve done ‘em and I like ‘em, but I love the idea of a very loyal, stronger-than-anybody-suspects platonic partner. A dude you respect who is awesome, but he’s just part of your team."

"I’ve done plenty of love triangles on TV shows," Killjoys star Aaron Ashmore added. "It’s fine, but it’s really hard to execute well. And if you don’t execute it well, it comes across as soap opera-y in a lot of ways... Here, we’re allowed to bond as a team. We have friction and bump heads, but not over romance."

Killjoys star Luke Macfarlane also commented on this topic in an interview with Pop Mythology. "I mean, one of the things that I think is so exciting that we see on the show is these two guys – a man and a woman who live and work together and they’re best friends," Macfarlane explained. "It’s not really sexual and it’s not the same old trope that we’ve seen before: “Are they going to sleep together?” It’s like why can’t men and women simply be friends? And I think that’s a really cool thing to see on this show."

While the characters on Killjoys are undoubtedly a team, it's also clear that Hannah John-Kamen's Dutch is running the show. In the series Dutch is a Level 5 Killjoy (the highest rank that one can achieve) while John and D'avin are Level 3 and Level 4. She's the one calling the shots and is described as a natural leader.

"When you’re trying to create a strong female character, that often means physical strength..." Lovretta told Yahoo. "And Dutch has that. But I didn’t want to put an effort on stressing how many times she saves John and D’avin versus how many times they save her. I just wanted Dutch to be Dutch. She’ll fuck up and make poor choices, but in the end she’s a bit of an island."

While lead actress Hannah John-Kamen is a big fan of sci-fi she says it was the character and not the genre that drew her to Killjoys.

"Dutch is such an amazing, complex and layered character," she told Pop Mythology. " an actress, that’s the kind of role you want to play."

      - Talks about how the characters of Dutch and D'avin are alpha types while his character John helps keep the team together
      - Talk of romance comes up once more and basically says his character wouldn't have a problem about anyone being with Dutch
      - Talks about being a Trekkie and how if he had to compare to Killjoys to the franchise he'd say it's closest to Deep Space Nine
      - Auditioned for a character in season two of Orphan Black but obviously didn't get it
      - He and his twin brother Shawn would like to work with each other again (most recently was an episode of Fringe but a lot of storylines with twins are cheesy. "Not that there’s anything wrong with The Parent Trap, but as 35-year-old guys it’s not really the thing you’re dying to do"
      - They haven't thought about writing something themselves but would like to sit down with someone and push ideas around (both Aaron and Shawn have previously served as executive producers on other projects)

Sadly the actual video won't embed so you have to watch at the source or during the premiere tonight.

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The season premiere of Killjoys starts tonight at 9/8 central on SyFy and Space so feel free to discuss if you're tuning in! The warrant is all
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