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Guess Who: Disneyland Edition!

I was at Disneyland Monday-Wednesday, and on Tuesday I had the best day ever because I met a celeb!!!! Which celeb? Find out below...

 photo Scott Edit_zpsmbtibecb.jpg

IT'S SCOTT CLIFTON!!!!! For those that don't know, he's a soap actor.

Here's an excerpt of our encounter:

We're walking around California Screamin', and I bob one way and one of my best friends goes the other. I see this person unclip a short rope that is there for reasons I don't understand... and I look... and it's him. So I say without even pondering 'Hi, Scott Clifton!' He looks at me and is like 'Hi... do we know each other?' I tell him we do not know each other, but I've worshiped him since June 2003 (a slight lie, in retrospect, because I actually disliked Dillon immensely when I started watching, but by the end of that year I was firmly Team Dillon). He asked me for a hug, he asked me for a pic and he said it was, and I quote, 'fucking awesome' to run into such a fan at Disneyland. I reminded him that we'd met before, at Fun in the Sun in Berkeley. He remembered the event, but not our encounter (not bitter, he saw so many people that day, and infinitely more since). He was with his dad, doing some early Father's Day stuff (shout out to Papa Ron for letting me snag his boy's attention on what was supposed to be HIS time with Scott). His wife was working. I told him about how I started watching B&B specifically for him, but also that I couldn't continue to watch because it got too repetitive (he said he understood this. Mi amigo said I shouldn't have said anything, but I wanted to be upfront with him, and I lack filters...), but I did tell him also about how I cried when he finally won that Emmy, because that was also the truth. Scott was just so... genuine and gracious and wonderful... AND THE HAIR... ahhh, the hair... I regret not asking if I could touch it. I tweeted him later, and he replied and he favorited my tweet. Glorious. Glorious. Glorious. He was still at the park on Wednesday, but I did not see him.

Source: My camera
Tags: celebrity encounter, guess who, soap opera

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