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Candice and Caity at Superman Celebration festival

On The Flash, Iris just recently lost her boyfriend, Eddie. As we all know that Iris eventually ends up with Barry (thanks to a peek into the future), will Iris and Barry finally become a couple in season two?

Patton: Things didn't end well for Eddie. So that's going to be a major thing that Iris is dealing with going into season two. I would imagine that she's not going to be interested in any kind of relationship any time soon. As much as she has these subconscious harbored feelings for Barry, she really did love Eddie. And she saw that through until the very end. It's important for the fans to really like Iris, and in order to do that, I think she has to grieve over the end of her relationship with Eddie. I'm assuming I can say this because there was a press release about it: they're looking for a character to come on next season, I believe, to be Barry's new potential love interest.

Sara as Black Canary died on Arrow, but how will she return as White Canary on Legends of Tomorrowand how will she feel about her sister now being Black Canary?

Lotz: Well, there's this thing called called the Lazarus Pit. And it comes with some interesting side effects. You'll see how Sara's going to change - you've seen what happens with Thea - so she's definitely going to have a little bit harder time remembering things. She's already an angry person so I think that might make her more angry.I'm really interested to see how Sara feels about her sister becoming the Black Canary. Because that's dangerous. I don't think she'd be so happy about it.

the rest of the interview http://www.techtimes.com/articles/60532/20150615/superman-celebration-caity-lotz-and-candice-patton-talk-legends-of-tomorrow-and-the-flash.htm
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