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George RR Martin Irritated By Mistakes In His Books

GRRM says that small mistakes that appear in A Song of Ice and Fire "irritate" him. Some of these errors include geting someone's eye color wrong or just forgetting that a character is supposed to be in a scene (when Jon is thinking about his siblings, in the chapter were the royal family arrives at Winterfell, he doesn't mention Bran when he should have).

George says that the reason these things bother him is that they undermind the inconsistances he puts in on purpose. A piece of information or the outlook on a situation should change from one character to the next.


Smh @ him not bringing up any of the typos and gramatical mistakes in his books and just focusing on stuff like him making Tyrion do a backflip in book one.

What irritates you the most about ASOIAF?

Oh and if your'e reading this viaggioinitalia
I started watching The Knick today (I just finished episode two)!
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