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Are Celebs starting to #FeelTheBern?

Bernie Sanders Presidential Campaign starts to get some Celebrity recognition! Mark Ruffalo, Neil Young, Susan Sarandon & others do the Lord's work in promoting the growing Sanders campaign!

To have an idea of what tonight's crowd for @BernieSanders has been like

— Betsy Klein (@betsy_klein) June 13, 2015

Political Pundits and CONservatives across the country are acting puzzled over what is being called "The Sanders Surge" in the USA. Two recent straw polls in Wisconsin & New Hampshire show that Bernie-mentum is picking up as he closes in on Hillary's lead. Both polls show Hillary in the 41-44% range and Sanders coming up in her rearview mirror with 30-33% support. It should be noted that the next largest support of about 9% is still with VP Biden, and about 15% are phoning in as undecided.

As the narrative continues to be pushed that Sanders is nothing more than a "spoiler candidate," simply planted in the race to pull Hillary left, the crowds showing up are telling a different story. Sanders has matched, if not beat Hillary, in crowd attendance at all his speeches, he has over 150,000 volunteers signed up, over $6 million raised from small donations of $40 or less, he's received his FIRST labor union endorsement from the South Carolina AFL-CIO, and now:

Issuing you all an official #BernNoticeCollapse )

Meanwhile, Donald Trump does one good thing for America- he pisses off Neil Young and inadvertently gets Bernie an endorsement

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3rd submission is a charm...? (Man, sourcing is no joke you guys)

What do you think ONTD? Is Bernie-mania coming to a city near you? He has upcoming Town Hall Meetings in Las Vegas (June 19th), Denver (June 20th), & Charleston SC (June 21st). He will be on Real Time w/Bill Maher Friday night. Hillary can have her Katy's & Beyonce's, we have a HULK, ok?
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