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Look inside the world of 'Killjoys' + Confirmation there's no love triangle between three leads

Before joining the #Killjoys on their first mission, get an inside look at the world they will be inhabiting.

Posted by Killjoys on Tuesday, June 16, 2015

In the above interview Aaron talks about the show. When the interviewer asks if they're called Killjoys because they are killing the joy of the people they're after he mentions that in the world of the series money is referred to as "joy" and their characters are killing people for money. The interviewer says that the show has a bit of a Lost vibe with how characters backstories are revealed. They talk about how there isn't one for Aaron's character and they talk about how not every person in the series has some deep secret or troubled past and since the season is ten episodes it keeps it from being too much all jammed in. Aaron also confirms that there is no love triangle (or love triangle set up) between the three main characters and that basically the love triangle thing "has been done" and Killjoys is more about them being a family (where Dutch is in charge of course).

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The series premiers on Friday at 9/8c on both Space and SyFy. Reviews are saying that it's fun!
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