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Lena Headey talks Cersei and the Walk of Shame

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What was your reaction upon reading the script for the finale?

I was really excited to take this character of privilege and denial and break her down a little… although I don't think Cersei can ever truly be broken.

What is going through her mind during her confession?

She just wants to get out, by whatever means. She wants to see her son, to see that he's OK. To make sure Margaery is still locked up. To make sure everything is as she intended. To see if Jaime has Myrcella.

The most striking part of Cersei's walk -- at least in the book -- is that she tries to maintain her pride and power throughout, refusing to let it break her. Did you feel that it was important to convey that aspect of the scene? Was it something that David and Dan made clear in the script?

Yes that was very clear. I said to the director "she just has to walk, no head turning, no eye contact, just keep moving." When she gets to the gates of the Red Keep with fewer eyes on her then she can break a little. She has a goal, a focus and that's what keeps her moving forward, she doesn't once let go of the fact that she will be able to hold her son at the end of this. To make sure he is safe.

Where does Cersei go from here?

Cersei is  a survivor and she moves on quickly. Her thoughts of vengeance are already forming. In fact what kept her spirits up in the cell were thoughts of how she can hurt those who hurt her.

Have her experiences this season changed her irrevocably, for better or worse?

They have changed her, yes. This is where her descent into true madness begins. She has not given up on ideas of power and revenge. She has a mad scientist by her side now. Someone who isn't afraid to speak honestly to her but is also in her debt. Cersei won't forgive or forget so I think some interesting moments lay ahead.

What do you most admire about Cersei, and what do you think is her biggest flaw?

Her survival skills. Her ability to navigate amongst men who don't believe in her.Her devotion to her children. Her flaw is her inability to listen to the few who really do care about her. She doesn't think she's worth that investment.

What is one piece of advice you'd give to Cersei?

Oh god. Maybe slow down on the wine. Move to the countryside and raise your kids. Live the simple life. That's not going to happen so, watch your back Cersei. Seriously.

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despite the bad cgi at some parts, i thought lena gave an incredible performance. she deserves an Emmy nom this season IMO.
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