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Tori Kelly releases new song "Expensive" ft. Daye Jack + Interview

Interview at

Capitol Records recording artist, Tori Kelly, talks about her early EPs, working with Max Martin and what to expect at her New York tour date.

Q: So there are fans like myself that have been listening to you since YouTube and your EP’s Forward and Handmade Songs. Can you tell us how your music has evolved since then and what makes Unbreakable Smile so special?

Tori Kelly: I definitely think I’ve grown a lot since that time, and I’m really thankful for those EP’s that I put out... A lot of my songs back then, I used to start them with a guitar so it was very singer/songwriter driven, and I wanted to challenge myself to see what my writing would be like if I put down the guitar for a little bit. I think that opened up a whole new layer of songwriting for me by doing that. [...]

How was it working with Swedish music producer Max Martin on the album?

Tori Kelly: Working with Max was absolutely amazing, he came into the picture at the perfect time because I had a lot of songs already done that were really heartfelt... When he came in to work on the album, I honestly wasn’t for sure if he’d even be a fit but I was like okay let’s see how this goes. ...He accepted me as a writer, so he listened to my ideas too and it was very collaborative.[...]

You’re performing in NYC the day of your album release June 23rd, what can we expect during the show?

Tori Kelly: Oh man, well you guys are getting sort of the tail end of the tour so we will hopefully be 100% ready to go by then... It’s the album release date so I don’t know what I’m going to be feeling that day. I’ll probably be bouncing off the walls!... It will definitely be very emotional for me.

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You can get "Expensive" + 3 tracks instantly when you pre-order her album 'Unbreakable Smile'
iTunes: // Spotify:

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She absolutely killed it in Vancouver. Her vocals are insane live!
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