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Jai Courtney: 8 (4) Things You Probably Never Knew About The Aussie Action Star

He Head-Butted Shailene Woodley On Set of Insurgent

"I accidentally head-butted her [while filming] which I'm sure wasn't
pleasant and I felt terrible. Tough as she is, didn't bat an eyelid."

He Smoked A Joint With Russell Crowe

"I'd introduced myself to Russell Crowe —this was before we worked together—
and we had an exchange for a second and he kind of moved on. Then I got a tap
on the shoulder, and it was Russell and he goes, ‘We're going to smoke a joint
if you want to join, mate." And I was like, ‘Fuck yeah, I do.’ So we smoked that,
and maybe half an hour later I found myself chatting to a few other people, and
Gary Oldman was one of them. And I was like, This is a trip, dude. What a fuckin' legend.... 

His Goddaughter Drew Him His Skull Tattoo

She didn't know what to draw me so I said, 'Draw me a skull.' And she said,
'What's a skull?' And I was like, 'It's a skeleton…head.' And then I went
down to the shop and got a coffee. I didn't leave the six-year-old unattended,
of course. But when I came back, she had this sick mural with three skulls on
it that said, 'The zombies are coming.' And I thought it was so dope, I took
the picture to a tattoo artist and had it inked on my flesh forever.

the skull tattoo can be seen here...   okay, not really but  i just wanted to post this pic again

He Can Sing And Play Guitar

I’d love to have been a musician. I play guitar and sing a bit but would never
have the talent or determination to tackle it head-on. I have friends who are
extraordinary musicians, and I see how hard it can be for them at times. But
it’d be cool. Maybe in another life!

Source: @cinemablend

you guys did it! look at that ~brand new tag~!  ^____^ 
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