Iggy Azalea is Going to Release a Book

Everyone's favorite artiste Amethyst Kelly announced on Twitter today that she is in the process of making a book. Are we worthy?

The famed Krusty Krab cashier went on to add, "obviously the tour isnt happening but brock and i figured that shouldnt mean we stop documenting stuff. BTS of life not just the stage." Her collaborator, Brock Fetch, is A$AP Mob's official photographer.

She also thanked her fans for sticking by her even tho it's "cool" to hate on her and that's why people hate her so much. Or something.

And finally, she revealed why she was pictured coming out of that famed cosmetic surgery center the other day:

ONTD, do you agree that people only hate on Iggy because it's "cool" to do so?