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INTERNET DRAMA: Reddit is FURIOUS Over the Banning of Popular Subreddit "Fat People Hate"

Thousands and thousands of reddit users are absolutely enraged over CEO Ellen Pao's decision to ban several subreddits today, most notably /r/fatpeoplehate, the 13th most active community on the site before its removal. It had more than 100,000 subscribers.

(pictured: the current top 6 posts on reddit. 23 of the top 25 updated: 49 out of the top 50 posts are related to the fallout from this, mostly either posts of Ellen Pao's face on the subreddit "punchablefaces," posts comparing Ellen Pao to dictators, posts demanding that Pao resign, or retaliatory posts making fun of overweight people (all women, of course!))

If you don't know, fatpeoplehate was essentially a hub for losers to post pictures of overweight people, mostly women, and make fun of them, call them horrible names, and belittle them. Just because they get a kick out of calling people "hamplanets." And also because their lives are empty. The ENTIRE SITE is currently full of people getting mad at Pao for banning 5 subreddits that existed solely to harass people. But the only one they're really mad about is fatpeoplehate.

People are also doxxing the imgur staff and posting their pictures and making fun of them because imgur banned posts from fatpeoplehate yesterday before all of this went down.

The entire site is erupting with posts full of really pissed off turds who are in turn posting super racist comments about Ellen Pao and disparaging comments about overweight people. Reddit is a MESS right now. People are coming together to downvote every single new post that doesn't have to do with either how horrible Ellen Pao is or with making fun of fat people. Seriously.

People who claim to advertise on the site are saying they are no longer going to do so because CENSORSHIP.

The banning was justified by Reddit admins, who said that the removed subreddits violated the site's harassment policy. Everyone is getting mad saying that they are censoring things and that pretty soon everything is going to be censored and RABBLE RABBLE RABBLE.

This is all extra ridiculous considering the fact that reddit has never claimed to be entirely censorship-free. As T.C. Sottek writes, "For most of the site's history the most meaningful rules were created and enforced by its community moderators, who could be anyone that decided to create a subreddit. Reddit moderators have censored all kinds of material, including reputable journalism. It's never actually been a model of free speech, unless the ideal of free speech includes 6,000 nations run by the kind of tyrants who have the time and inclination to moderate internet message boards."

Meanwhile, hundreds of equally deplorable subreddits continue to exist. The reason why fatpeoplehate in particular has been removed is likely because of how popular it was - it was RARE for the top 50 posts to NOT include one or even several posts from fatpeoplehate. This is bad for reddit because it makes outside advertisers less inclined to pay for ad space on the site. illicituss summed it up amazingly:

source: my friend with a bike (me) and theverge for that last paragraph

If anyone wishes to see the absolute mess of garbage currently dominating all of reddit, check it out here. The comments in the posts as well as the posts themselves are INCREDIBLY racist and INCREDIBLY fatphobic. Users are coming together to mass downvote anyone that says anything positive about this decision, or anything negative about fatpeoplehate. That not just a few, but THOUSANDS of people are outraged by this says a lot. This is a big deal.

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