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Apple Music hasn't even launched yet and it's already getting panned

Apple Music was officially announced this week with a big flashy press event, and the reception has not been favorable at all. Apple Music isn't launching until June 30, but it is already being compared to Tidal, as both services received a lot of negative press after their big announcements. On top of the negative reception from the press and the general public, Apple is also being investigated for antitrust violations.

New York Post: "Apple Music's launch was even lamer than Tidal's"
-they said that Apple is "struggling to lock down big names" to support Apple Music
-the global radio station curated by big-name DJs is lame since pretty much everyone is curator now

The New Yorker: "Apple's Music Revolution That Isn't"
-calls Apple Music "cluttered and overly complex"
-Apple Music is too complicated while Spotify is simple

Reuters: "Apple Music faces antitrust scrutiny in NY, Connecticut"
-Apple is currently being investigated for antitrust violations
-attorney generals believe that Apple pressured labels to favor Apple Music

Sources: New York Post / The New Yorker / Reuters
Tags: apple / iphone, computers and technology, flop

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