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'Younger's' Darren Star: Season Finale Creates "Whole New Playing Field" for Liza and Josh

-Darren explains that Season 1 was about reinvention and Season 2 will be about redefining a lot of relationships. Younger returns for its second season in January.

-Josh and Liza's relationship was left open-ended and they now have to redefine who they are to each other.
-Might talk a lot about the double standard — if it's a man who is 40 dating a 26-year-old woman, no one is thinking twice about it.
-Liza's daughter, Caitlin could be a big part of Season 2
-May consider a love triangle between Liza, Josh and Charles.

*unf josh is cute af. i like that they had him react in a realistic way when finding out she lied to him (rather than just brushing it off like no big deal)*

Read more of the interview at the source
Tags: hilary duff, younger (tv land)

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