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Bad Boys 3 may be coming sooner than we thought!

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Banned Sauce has gotten word from insiders that Sony is in early talks with writer/director Joe Carnahan (he directed Narc, The A-Team remake and The Grey) to steer the future of the Bad Boys franchise. He will be picking up where the last screenwriter to work on the project - David Guggenheim - left off. What's perhaps even more significant is the fact that Carnahan may even be given the option to direct the movie himself - which would certainly be big news considering Michael Bay helmed both of the previous two installments.

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Apparently Sony wants to put Bad Boys 3 on the fast track - and not just because they could really use a big hit. The studio is apparently hoping that they can have a movie ready to go by the time that Will Smith is done with production on Suicide Squad - which is currently filming up in Toronto. If all goes according to plan, that could mean that we might see the next installment of the Bad Boys franchise in theaters some time in 2016.

Bad Boys party post! Post your fave gifs, quotes, clips, music etc from the franchise!
p.s. brenden can we have an ONTD bad boys 2 viewing post please???

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Full article at the sauce
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