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Cast to Preview ‘Vikings’ Season 4 at the San Diego Comic Con 2015

To quench the fans’ thirst for more details of Season 4, the cast the crew of “Vikings” will actually give a preview of the show on July 10 as part of the San Diego Comic Con 2015 to be held in San Diego, Califonia on July 9 to 12, 2015.

Reports have it that the cast and crew will provide fans a glimpse of Season 4 of “Vikings” but it is not clear if they shall also be showing a teaser trailer to go with their scheduled question-and-answer afternoon session with fans, details the International Business Times of India.

- This season will be the last and final time Ragnar and Rollo will clash cause Ragnar dies
- Ecbert/Wessex will still be a main focus, Ecbert is one of Hirst's favorites
- Ragnar will find out about his son with Kwentrith and question the legitimacy
- Their son will be an important character

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yas for the vikings tag!!!!!
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