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PC Music issues apology for GFOTY's casual racism after the label gets called out by another artist

Yesterday, British pop singer GFOTY made racist comments in an interview and the comments were immediately censored after they started getting attention on social media. GFOTY, who is signed to indie buzz label PC Music, immediately issued a half-ass apology, stating that she was trying to make a joke about appropriation that wasn't funny.

Electronic producer Lotic weighed in on his Facebook, penning an essay where he eviscerated PC Music and GFOTY, stating that PC Music is "merely a vapid art project by a handful of rich kids" who are mostly dudes using female avatars.

“i told you” isn’t even the right response to this. like, i understand that white people don’t feel like they have ‘...

Posted by Lotic on Monday, June 8, 2015

Today, PC Music took to their Twitter account to offer an apology, stating that GFOTY's racist comments do not reflect their views as a label.

Tags: music / musician (alternative and indie), music / musician (electronic), nobody, race / racism

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