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Watch the first 4 minutes of 'Killjoys' + stars Hannah John-Kamen and Aaron Ashmore get interviewed

We've got #Killjoys with us today! Follow us all day for more with @aaron_ashmore @hannahdjk and more.

@hannahdjk counts down the days until the #Killjoys premiere (10 days and counting!) with Inside Pulse.

The #Killjoys are green with envy as @aaron_ashmore interviews @hannahdjk!

Just prepping for @aaron_ashmore and @hannahdjk's Late O'Clock News interview. #Killjoys

@aaron_ashmore just filming an interview for #InnerSpace, NBD. #Killjoys

Now it's @hannahdjk's turn on #InnerSpace. #Killjoys

Luke MacFarlane is here! The #Killjoys trifecta.

Now it's @etalkctv's turn! @benmulroney talks to our three #Killjoys, @aaron_ashmore @hannahdjk and Luke MacFarlane.

Source 1, 2 and 3
Just a little over a week until the June 19th premiere on SyFy and Space!
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