First Review Of Hilary Duff's New Album 'Breathe In. Breathe Out.'

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2.My Kind
3.One In A Million

All three were written/produced by Tove Lo and they all have her sound/feel to them, especially "One In A Million" which has Tove's signature "uh oh" sound.


A strong EDM track that has an explosive chorus and torwards the end of the song, Hilary samples Belinda Carlisle's "Heaven Is A Place On Earth".


This song is most likely about Mike Comrie and features a chanting chorus that will get stuck in your head.

7. Arms Around A Memory

Is a heavily produced dark and personal dance ballad.


This song was written and produced by Ed Sheeran and is a guitar driven track that highlights Hilary's vocals.

12.Night Like This ft. Kendall Schmidt

This is a more traditional duet where the singing is done back and forth by both Duff and Schmidt. This track seems to be leftover from when she was doing her more folk/pop route.

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