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New (unauthorized) Whitney Houston biography claims she was extorted over lesbian affair!

  • A new Whitney Houston biography titled Whitney & Bobbi Kristina: The Deadly Price of Fame by Ian Halpern is set to be released June 9th

  • The author claims to have a heavily redacted FBI report about an extortion attempt made in 1992 in his posession

  • At the time, Whitney was plagued by rumors of a lesbian relationship with her personal assistant, Robyn Crawford.

  • Right before the release of The Bodyguard, a Chicago lawyer tried to extort money from Whitney by threatening to release intimate details of her relationship with Robyn. The lawyer demanded $250,000 to shut up about it

  • According to the FBI report, Whitney's father settled the matter in order to stop the lawyer from going public. It isn't clear if he met the 250K demand or not

  • Whitney married Bobbi Brown that same year and purchased Robyn a Porsche as a 'token of their friendship'

  • Apparently Whitney's father was unhappy with how close the two women were as well and felt increasingly uneasy about Robyn possibly going to the press. He was so anxious that he asked a family friend to "talk" to Robyn:

  • “We’ve got to do something about that motherf–king b—h. She’s ruining my family and driving everybody nuts. She’s lost her grip on reality. I’ll pay you $6,000 if you put the fear of God in her.”

  • He asked Whitney's bodyguards to keep a close watch on her after the family friend refused the offer.

Tags: black celebrities, books / authors, family drama, legal / lawsuit, lgbtq / rights, music / musician (r&b and soul), whitney houston

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