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Liam Cunningham talks about last night's horrifying scene (+ that other one too)

This article basically confirms she is dead, everything sucks.
Liam had some nice things to say about everything though.

"It did hurt. I love working with Kerry. So it’s an awful loss, both professionally and personally."

When Liam first found out about the scene:

Oh, God. It was probably this time last year, when they sent me the scripts, and I read them through and saw that this delightful young lady was going to be burned. I was astonished — well, listen, nothing astonishes me on this show, to be honest with you. But it hit very close to home.

On Kerry Ingrams last day, Liam was asked if he did anything special for Kerry, after she filmed her last scene.

"It was really sweet on the last day that we worked together. I had bought an Irish silver stag that I had made up for Kerry as a parting gift. When I handed it over she had bought this beautiful throw pillow with a stag on it, like the Baratheon sigil. We swapped stags. It was very touching in our little pop-up tent at the end of the day, when we were handing them over." (BRB CRYING MY EYES OUT)

When asked why Davos didn’t use his knowledge of smuggling to sneak the princess out of the camp, he had this to say:

"His loyalty and decency gets him in trouble again. He wanted to take the queen and the princess away because a battle was about to ensue. So he is quite confused about it. Stannis is getting him out of the way because he knows he’s about to do the wrong thing. He doesn’t want to be looking in Davos’s eyes when he tries to do it, because he won’t be able to go through with it. I do not find out what actually happens to Shireen until the final episode."

Then on the controversy received over the Sansa scene:
"The controversy with Sansa — so many people were heartbroken. It shouldn’t have been the reward for someone who was growing in stature and growing as a woman. But it’s “Game of Thrones” and it’s challenging. The best kind of television should mess with your head."

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