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Game of Thrones Episode 9 Leaks Early

For those of you anticipating tonight's penultimate episode of Game of Thrones, beware as it has accidentally leaked early for HBO consumers who happen to have Dish-on-Demand.

-Ramsay hits the camp, though only the consequences are shown. The supply train is so damaged that marching the entire army to either Winterfell or the wall would mean starvation, so Stannis sends Ser Davos to Castle Black to bring back horses and food. Davos asks to bring Shireen with him but Stannis denies him.

-Stannis visits Shireen, who was reading about the Dance of Dragons. She says she wants to help daddy's righteous cause. So Stannis ends up[Spoiler (click to open)]burning her at the stake, and it's Selyse who tries to stop him, but she fails.

-At the Wall, the wildlings get through.

-The Dorne storyline gets even stupider with Ellaria suddenly feeling more remorseful and swearing fealty to Doran, and Doran allowing his only son and heir to accompany Myrcella, Jaime, and Bronn back to King's Landing.

-Arya finds Meryn in Braavos on her way to the insurance man and slips him some of that poison while he's at a brothel. Then she lies to Jaquen, claiming the insurance man wasn't hungry and didn't buy any oysters

-Daznak's Pit: Daario is jealous of Dany's husband, Tyrion is bored by the violence, and Jorah wins against every opponent. The Sons of the Harpy attack. Dany is about to be killed when Drogon the dragon shows up. She flies away, end credits

source:a reddit user who got to watch it early and posted lots of proof
Stannis scene/ Drogon scene
ep 10 preview because it won't embed
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