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White person defends Sarah Silverman's blackface, gets READ by Crissle

- Crissle from "The Read" podcast was invited to a talk about race and comedy, hosted by our ~white allies of NPR

- Some fratbro looking ~discrimination lawyer singles out Crissle, telling her that she can't understand Sarah Silverman doing in blackface because she “takes her work at face value.”

Reference to the fuckery:

(You wish, heffa)

- He goes on: “I don’t think she’s making fun in any way, shape, or form about black people when she does blackface. Because for those of us who know the history of blackface, we know that not only did white people do blackface but black entertainers had to do blackface to get jobs!”

- Crissle then procedes to tear his fuckass logic apart with a good ole read.

“You have to be really white to say this. First of all, I can absolutely say that you’re racist for being a white woman in effing 2014 … to put on blackface and go on television. Yes, I can absolutely call you racist for that. You understand the history behind it and you did it anyway. That is racist.”

- He then used the argument that Crissle didn't know Sarah Silverman and therefore couldn't ~judge her

- Then shit gets real and Crissle shut him down real quick.

“I don’t have to know what’s inside Sarah Silverman’s head. She didn’t put out a book called Sarah Silverman’s Diary, “Here, read my innermost thoughts and see how I came to these fuck-ass conclusions that I have today.” She got on TV in blackface and decided that that was funny and it’s not. And you as a white man trying to tell me that my feelings aren’t valid because I don’t know her is a crock of shit. That’s bullshit. You don’t get to tell me that the way I feel about that doesn’t matter or it isn’t real. And that’s why I go on my show every week and say what I need to say because white people like you think you have a goddamned point.”

Watch the vid @ the source

The Princess Xena rallying cry in the audience at the end had me rolling

You can listen to a follow up on this week's The Read. Crissle says that the man went to see her at the end of the panel to tell her that she didn't understand his point lmao. How awful can you be
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