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Pussycat Dolls-creator Robin Antin is L.A. Weekly's cover story this week

NOTE: the cover story was written before news broke out that G.R.L. had disbanded

-Robin Antin talks about the future of G.R.L., saying she wants to do a reality show in which she is a mother figure to the girls (not happening anymore)
-Robin is really good friends with Kris Jenner and both of them are "reported to be brainstorming ideas for new shows together"
-A performer from the original Pussycat Dolls burlesque show is interviewed and she chooses to remain anonymous, saying "the dance world is so small and Robin is so powerful"
-Chelsea Korka says that she was an employee during her time in the Paradiso Girls, money was often tight, and she felt like a puppet
-Robin denies that Simone Battle committed suicide over money problems

Source: https://twitter.com/LAWeekly/status/606989136491257856

long but interesting read
Tags: magazine covers and articles, nicole scherzinger / pussycat dolls

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