Chris Brown demonstrates why Karreuche needs to get a restraining order

-Karreuche was eating at a nightclub when CB came in and sat next to her
-Karreuche then left the club, but Chris followed & somehow managed to get into her SUV
-He was then dropped off, but then showed up at her house at 3.30am
-After this Karreuche went to diner. Chris followed her there which led to a loud argument
-Karreuche then left and went home
-Earlier TMZ had put out an article about him trying to reconcile with her.
TMZ vid of him trying to get into her vehicle.

A source at the Playhouse said that #ChrisBrown purchased a table beside #ChristinaMilian. Chris walked over to her table to talk to #Karrueche and an argument ensued. Karrueche calls an Uber to leave. In the video, Chris Brown is trying to get in the car, screaming at her friend "move to the back before I make you move" (Video @phillipnetwork via TMZ) more info to come....

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Seriously though, she needs to get a restraining order before his crazy ass tries to kill her.