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Lionel Richie may have had sex with your mom, auntie and/or your grandmother


His mission statement at the time:
"we're gonna make love to every girl in the world"

On how much sex he had:
"And when you start out, it's madness: there's one in the morning, one in the afternoon, one in the evening. It's great. You're killing it,"

On high heeled boots:
"But all of a sudden you get to the fifth show and you're, like: Everybody get out of my room! You can't do it. I don't care whether you're 19 and sexually possessed - you can't do that and put on high-heeled boots and run across the stage every night."

On what a fan thinks 'We Are The World' should have been called:
"A guy once came up to me and said, 'Hey, you wrote 'We Are The World"? You should have called it "I Populated The World"' heh-heh-heh-heh-heh!"

On why he was different to the 'dangerous' guys:
"The Commodores had a different standard there. We had some basic ground rules. As much as I would love to think we were dangerous we weren't as dangerous as the dangerous guys. We were Ivy League funksters as opposed to the hard core."

Crying! This interview was pretty much the Uncle Denzel meme in word form

MODS: The highlights are all by me this time, paraphrased from the original article on GQ instead, I hope this is better.

So ONTD...which one of y'alls moms/grandmoms got nasty with Lionel and The Commodores back in the day? If they didn't, what are the most embarassing sex related stories your parents/older family members have told you? the incest tales for a FFAF post ty!



Full interview at GQ, this is just an excerpt.
We want the sauce.
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