Britney Spears Paints Topless While Listening to Mariah Carey!

The beautiful Britney Spears was on Australia's Dan & Maz radio show and revealed that she paints topless while listening to Mariah Carey.

When the hosts asked her if she & Mariah's paths had crossed while doing their shows in Vegas, Britney responded no, but gushed about loving the elusive chanteuse. "I love Mariah Carey still to this day. I was painting in my art room, and I just, like, paint on the walls and do these all this kinda crazy stuff and I bought her greatest hits and her new Infinity record yesterday and I was just in there with my top off just, like, painting and doing all this artsy fartsy stuff. I love her. I love her voice."


Fave Britney song: Amnesia
Fave Mariah song: Slipping Away