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Duggars: "We failed as parents" - Full Megyn Kelly Interview

* jb confirms that it was four daughters and the family babysitter who were molested by josh.
* jb and michelle emphasize how their daughters were sleeping for most of the incidents. the implication is that the abuse was somehow less bad because they didn’t understand/know what was going on.
* they believe that the backlash is greater due to their christian beliefs because, to the duggars, being smug self-righteous arbiters of morality is synonymous with christianity.
* jb was okay with being a moral hypocrite because he didn’t think the news would come out since the records were supposed to be sealed.
* the real tragedy is how the police department betrayed their trust by leaking the records due to an agenda.
* megyn brings up michelle’s anti-trans robocall. michelle is a fucking idiot and says that it’s just common sense. this gives jb an opportunity to jump in and clarify that josh is not a pedophile because he was under 16.
* josh, despite being a grown-ass man with his own family and a job hatemongering for the FRC (until he had to resign), continues to be a cowardly piece of shit by not appearing in the interview and speaking for himself.
* two of josh’s victims, jessa and jill, are slated to sit down with megyn as well.

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