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Photos from the opening night after-party of 'The Spoils' Off-Broadway, June 2nd, 2015

 photo tn-500_thespoilswm20190232861_zpsn4j68lvn.jpg

L-R: Actor & playwright Jesse Eisenberg, Michael Zegen, Annapurna Sriram, Kunal Nayyar, Erin Darke

Jesse Eisenberg (Ben)

 photo tn-500_thespoilswm20190232843_zpsnc18pqlj.jpg

 photo tn-500_thespoilswm20190232845_zpsusadiopu.jpg

Kunal Nayyar (Kalyan)

 photo tn-500_thespoilswm20190232842_zpssg6wmwrs.jpg

 photo tn-500_thespoilswm20190232846_zpsm52sfwh4.jpg

Erin Darke (Sarah)

 photo tn-500_thespoilswm20190232837_zps4pxgcjug.jpg

 photo tn-500_thespoilswm20190232853_zpsehdime71.jpg

Annapurna Sriram (Reshma)

 photo tn-500_thespoilswm20190232854_zpsxcnfxhdo.jpg

 photo tn-500_thespoilswm20190232855_zpspxgevmq2.jpg

Michael Zegen (Ted)

 photo tn-500_thespoilswm20190232849_zpstfdy7ixa.jpg

 photo tn-500_thespoilswm20190232850_zpsbz9pau0t.jpg

 photo tn-500_thespoilswm20190232863_zpsntkl9qev.jpg

 photo tn-500_thespoilswm20190232865_zpsxbz0wj36.jpg

Cast with Scott Elliott, play director and artistic director of The New Group (L) and Adam Bernstein, on the Board of Directors

 photo tn-500_thespoilswm20190232860_zpsdxa4biup.jpg

Bonus! Erin Darke with boyfriend Daniel Radcliffe

 photo Glamorous_Game_of_Thrones__Daniel_Radcliffe_in_NYC_and_synchronised_swimmers__24_hours_in_pictures_zpsjlieodbd.jpg

(In addition, Mia Wasikowska saw a performance on May 31st, but I'm not sure if she attended opening night.)

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So I saw this play on May 17th... I didn't like it, but I can identify with it (the play is about millenials and basically how Jesse's character can't relate to anyone because he's jealous of their successes). I'll shamelessly promote my own very spoiler-y "review"/thoughts here as well as my experience meeting the cast here. A lot of tweets from average theater-goers think it's brilliant, but I haven't been recommending it to anyone, lol.

I found a review roundup by BroadwayWorld.com here. The reviews are mixed: everyone acts well, and there are a few good lines here and there, but Jesse Eisenberg plays the same insufferable character which is tiresome and there is really nothing to be learned from the play/play's end. Also, no one can figure out what the title means.
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