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Alessia Cara - Here

Alessia Cara, 18 years old from Brampton Ontario. She's signed to Def Jam and is supposed to be releasing her first album at some point this year.

How do you write your songs—in a journal?

"Sometimes, yeah! When I did this album, I did most of it in a studio. We go in, and I let everything out at the studio. But I’ll write things in a journal, and then go back and remember how I was feeling and write things out on my guitar. For my first album, I wanted not only to talk about my own experiences, but to really make an album for everyone. I want at least one song to resonate with every person. I have a lot of talk about body image for women, self-acceptance for everyone, accepting that you might be weird or you might be a little uncool but you could still be cool if you find your own space. There’s a lot of empowering stuff, some vulnerable stuff."

Do you think we’re in a time when smart young people are being heard more?

"Especially in the music industry, there is a big shift where young people have a voice now. You see people like Lorde or Raury—anyone young and doing it right now—and we’re really starting to show our faces and prove that young people have a voice, and we actually make sense, and we have important things to say, too. I love the shift that’s happening in entertainment, and in life in general. Young people are really standing up, and I hope I can be one of them. Not only in this industry, but in life it’s so hard to be a girl, and to feel like you might not have a say or the rights that other people have. The only thing we can do is support other girls and be happy for them. Don’t be mean to girls who really like what they’re doing and who like themselves, because it’s so hard to like yourself. Be happy for them!"

Source 1 (YouTube)
Source 2 (interview)

First heard the song on Songza yesterday and I love it. It's her first single, but she's done a million and one YouTube covers on her personal channel. She's got a great voice.
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