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Lee Pace had a rough week

First of all, his AMC show HALT AND CATCH FIRE is back but it's bearchow.

According to Fashion & Style: the new season of "Halt and Catch Fire" is not off to the best start, ratings-wise. Though the Season 2 premiere brought in nearly .1 million more viewers than the Season 1 finale, the episode's ratings were down 45% from the Season 1 premiere. Additionally, the premiere's haul of .66 million didn't even match the freshman season's average of .77 million.

Lee is currently in China for fan events under Fanstang but Guangzhou was a disaster, Shanghai was worse, and now he's cancelled Beijing.

- Hot day in China. The event was in a small tent with poor air-conditioning and thousands of people.
- There were rumors that Lee got a heat stroke (he didn't get a heat stroke)
- He saved a little boy from a near-stampede
- His signing had to be moved because there were too many people for him + it was hot.
- Also rumors that they fed him McDonalds for lunch
- Fans were not allowed to touch him in day 2 during the autograph session.
- Some fans came in bridal wear for the photo op

- Lee's people had no idea organizers auctioned off seats to his table at the gala dinners. (They were sold at USD$4000++ per seat per night per city)
- When Lee found out, his management cancelled dinners in Shanghai and Beijing (he already went to the Guangzhou one)
- The organisers didn't secure police clearance for Lee's meet and greet event. The cops came.
- They had no choice but to cancel the event but the fans were already queued up outside in the rain.
- Lee is PISSED.
- He is also being stalked everywhere.

- He cancelled Beijing.

UPDATE: His people set up a special meeting for Lee to meet a few lucky fans!

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poor bby :(

Did anyone watch Halt and Catch Fire? It was actually pretty good???
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