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Iwan Rheon Goes to the Glamour Women of the Year Awards with Maisie Williams, Music & Two Interviews

Iwan also did interviews with Fault Magazine and Glass Magazine (go to the sources to read the full interviews!). Choice quotes:

  • [On how he gets into Ramsay Snow's mindset] "You have to try and figure out why he is like he is, and figure out the reasons for him being like that. Things like: he loves inflicting pain, why is that? The key to it is that it really is the joy of it all. He just loves it. So you have to find that joy in it which is a bit dark."

  • [On his time in the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art(LAMDA)] "[though I] learnt an incredible amount, I wouldn’t say I enjoyed it. It was an interesting place. I made a terrible decision and fell in love in my first year there. Then it all went wrong and was quite depressing. I went into my shell a bit and that was read as perhaps being arrogant or not interested.

    I had a lot of energy and was confident, and they read that wrong. I think they thought that I was some cocky little shit. It was full of establishment figures that had been there too long. It needed a change of energy. I was put into a box quite quickly. I refused to kiss ass and a lot of people did."

  • [On the attention Game of Thrones brings] "I like to keep myself to myself. I’m pretty good at getting out and about without getting noticed. [...] Generally people are respectful. Negative attention is the worst part of the job for me."

And finally, if you haven't heard, Iwan released an album earlier this year and just put the songs on YouTube (and Spotify and iTunes and so on).


NewZ Photos
Glass Magazine
Fault Magazine
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